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Traffic Ticket Services

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I will listen carefully to your story about how you were issued a traffic ticket (and any other charges). I always look for a careful explanation as to why you exceeded the speed limit, or failed to stop at a stop sign, or committed other traffic violations. After obtaining a copy of your motor vehicle driving abstract I will contact the individual prosecuting the case, this being sometimes an assistant district attorney and sometimes the charging officer or a town or city attorney.

My correspondence with the prosecutor is done by mail and phone with the goal that you will never have to appear in court. Once we have agreed to a plea bargain acceptable to you, you will sign a form that is mailed to the court. I charge a flat fee for traffic ticket cases that do not require court appearances. Once the plea is accepted by the judge, a fine is imposed and the case is over, without your having to take time off from work or your busy schedule to step inside a court room!

If a personal appearance is necessary (a very rare occurrence), I will do most if not all of the talking before the judge. So relax. I will minimize your stress and worry and take charge of the process. As I said, most traffic ticket cases are RESOLVED BY MAIL. But the rarely required court appearance does result in a higher legal fee which I will discuss with you.

In the event you have been unfairly charged with a traffic violation(s) and a trial is necessary, I will work with you to present the strongest defense possible.

Some General Traffic Ticket Information:

One Should NEVER, I Repeat NEVER, Plead Guilty To A Traffic Ticket By Mail. A guilty plea often results in several points added to your license and can increase your automobile insurance. Usually I can resolve traffic tickets by mail and will be able to obtain a plea offer that shaves points off the original charge.

I am a former Assistant Corporation Counsel and have worked on the other side, of traffic cases, making offers to defense counsel. So I know the terrain from both sides. If you have a clean driving abstract, it is often possible, dependent upon the circumstances and the jurisdiction, to obtain a zero-point plea violation without a court appearance. This happens more than you may imagine, so:

1)   Do not plead by mail and

2)   Contact my office immediately.


If, in addition to traffic-related offenses, you have been charged with alcohol or drug-related driving, I will work hard to get you the best plea-bargain possible and attempt to get the traffic offenses merged, which is similar to getting them dismissed.

In the event you must plead to a traffic violation, the court will charge a fine and the State imposes a surcharge. If you have been unemployed in the recent past or are barely making ends meet, I can argue for a reduced fine or no fine. During these hard economic times I know every dollar is important to you!

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My responsibility is to represent you and to protect your rights. As I am unable to disclose anything without your permission, everything you tell me is confidential. Because the facts of each case are unique and may change the proper application of the law, no one should ever attempt to apply or interpret the law without the aid of an attorney. The information provided on this website is based on New York State law and is intended for information purposes only.

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