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Not-For-Profit Legal Services

So You Are Driven By A Passion To Create A Not-For-Profit?

I will help you get 501 (c)(3) status! I have a 100% success record!

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Lois did a great deal of work for the National Organization for Women-New York State. Lois incorporated the organization, drafted bylaws and formed a NOW-NYS Foundation and obtained 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.  She drafted proposed bylaws for the NOW-NYS PAC. Her legal skills helped to professionalize the organization and open the door to greater opportunities to empower women and girls. Janice Burns

President, Saratoga Springs NOW-NYS Chapter

So you are driven by a passion to create a not-for-profit? I can help you get started and engineer your organizational framework. I have a 100% success record at getting tax exempt status for my clients. My applications have never been turned down by the IRS! We’ll discuss your primary goals and the means to reach them. Once I understand your priorities and passions, I will:

– Draft Bylaws By Which Your Organization Will Operate

– Provide Advice On How To Apply For Nongovernmental Organization Status With The United Nations

– Complete The IRS Application For Tax Exempt Status

– Advise You, Where Appropriate, On Applying For Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) Status With The United Nations

– Advise On Fundraising And Membership Development

– Draft Speeches

– Assist With Press Conferences And Speak To The Press On Your Behalf

– Provide Advice For Development And Coordination Of Annual Conferences And Events

– Direct You To Experts In Webpage Designing, Marketing, And Social Media

– Help You Develop A Mission Statement

– Assist In Development Of Program Brochures And Advertisements

– Direct The Creation Of A Scholarship Fund


Whether it is a start-up not-for-profit or an evolving established organization, I can help you apply for tax exempt status. Each situation requires a different approach with the IRS and I am a skilled and patient attorney who can navigate this terrain for you.

Lois did a professional job securing tax exempt status for the Upstate Artists Guild. The IRS posed challenging questions and Lois was relentless in researching and advocating on our behalf. I strongly recommend that you use Lois’  legal talents to apply for not-for-profit tax exempt status.
Dr. Brian McCandless

Albany, New York


For Which I Drafted:

– Bylaws

– Articles of Incorporation

– IRS Applications For Tax Exempt Status

– Mission Statements

– Web Pages

– Program Brochures

– Charitable Giving Pamphlets

– Magazine Advertisements

As Past Lobbyist And President Of NOW-NYS I Have:

– Conducted Quarterly Council Meetings

– Orchestrated Annual Statewide Conferences

– Lobbied The New York State Legislature

– Arranged For Program Development

– Administered Fund Raising Activities

– Drafted Speeches, Press Releases And Organizational Memorandum

– Testified At Hearings Before Legislative Bodies

– Drafted An Amicus Brief For The Southern District Court On Binding Arbitration And Women’s Human Rights.

In addition to providing the legal services for organization set-up and tax exempt status, I can render general advice on how to operate your organization, whether a straight not-for-profit, political, or PAC (political action committee). For political groups I can draft candidate questionnaires and I can set up scholarship funds and sister foundations.

It is important to hire an attorney who understands how the IRS evaluates non-profit applications for tax exempt status. Lois is adept at understanding how the system works and how to obtain this tax exemption. She obtained approval from the IRS in less than six months which permitted our non-profit to provide necessary care for needy dogs. Dr. Joy Lucas

D.V.M., Saratoga Springs, New York

I enthusiastically recommend you hire Lois to write your not-for-profit’s application for tax exemption. Lois did a terrific job drafting the bylaws and incorporation papers for the Saratoga Foundation for Women WorldWide, Inc. She secured tax exempt status from the IRS in record time, only four months! Deb Hollander

President, Plume

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