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If you want a tough advocate and strategist who knows the ins and outs of the legislative process, then Lois is your person. Lois was lobbyist for the National Organization for Women-NYS for eleven years.  Lois was highly skilled at lobbying members of the NYS Legslature on women’s issues. Her experience working on the inside provided her with a keen knowledge of how to get legislation enacted or defeated. She was tireless in her efforts to learn the legislation and to advocate on our behalf.

Janice Burns, President - Saratoga Springs NOW-NYS Chapter

Whether you need lobbying before the New York State Assembly or Senate and/or Governor’s offices, I can assist you with your immediate legislative goals. Once you set up an appointment, I will conduct thorough research on your issues and organization, even before our first meeting. When we meet, I will listen to your legislative objectives and goals. Together, after reviewing our mutual legislative contacts, we will brainstorm a comprehensive plan to advance your legislation.

I Provide the Following Services: 

-Draft Legislation

-Compose Support And Oppose Memorandum

-Testify Before Legislative Committees and Bodies at Hearings

-Speak To The Media

-Conduct Press Conferences

-Draft Speeches

-Attend Committee Meetings And Legislative Sessions

-Monitor Debate On Relevant Legislation

-Lobby Members Of The NYS Assembly and Senate, Governor’s Office and State Agencies And Commissions

-Meet With Your Organization To Present Your Legislative Program

-Draft Amicus Briefs On Issues To Be Heard By A Court Of Law

I started my thirty-year career working in or around the New York State Assembly, first as an Assembly Speakers Legislative Analyst for the Transportation Committee. In this position I evaluated and presented over seven hundred pieces of legislation during the two-year legislative term. I developed an insiders understanding of how the committee and power structures operate. I drafted and advocated for legislation, negotiated with the Senate for passage of bills, and sought messages of necessity from the Governor’s office to speed along enactment. I met regularly with lobbyists, assisted elected officials with debate on the floor, and coordinated operation of Assembly legislative hearings.

Then I lobbied eleven years for the largest women’s multi-issue organization in our State, National Organization for Women (NOW-NYS). I have lobbied on nearly every issue which impacts women, i.e. bias-related crimes, consumer protection, economic rights, education law, divorce reform, reproductive rights, workers’ rights, human rights, family law, health care, pay equity/comparable worth, economic rights, gender equity in education, lesbian and gay civil rights, penal law (e.g. stalking and harassment), and more.

I drafted an amicus brief (on binding arbitration and women’s human rights) which was submitted to the Southern District Federal Court. I have been regularly interviewed by members of the print, television and radio media, and have discussed legislation on television news segments and half-hour Assembly-member shows. I have also lobbied for employee-based legislation, environmental health, and parks legislation.

I put my client first when it comes to legislative representation and:

I DO NOT accept new clients whose agenda conflicts with existing client’s legislative programs.

I DO throw my whole heart and head into advancing your legislative priorities for success at every juncture.

Call me for an appointment and I will discuss with you how my services can promote your legislative needs.

Lois Shapiro-Canter has spent most of her adult life as a dedicated advocate for women and social justice.

I had the privilege of waging a 5-year battle alongside Lois in the late 1990s as we fought to restore the civil rights of women and minorities on Wall Street by reopening the Nation’s courts to their claims of assault, sexual harassment and retaliation against whistleblowers. (Wall Street has established a private justice system called mandatory arbitration to hear these claims.)

While that battle has yet to be fully won, Lois’ brilliant writing on the matter played a pivotal role in bringing the issue out of the shadows and creating a backlash against the process in newspaper editorials and articles across America.

Pam Martens, Editor, Wall Street On Parade

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