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Family Court Legal Services

I will Aggressively Help You Protect Your Rights.


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I know how nervous you are just contemplating filing an action in Family Court or having to defend an action filed against you. I will sit down with you to learn all of the facts and advise you about the strength and concerns of your case. Together we will decide which petitions need to be filed or defended against to protect your rights and safeguard your family. I have extensive experience with the problems parents face raising children on child support payments.

I also have experience representing parents who are unfairly overburdened by child-support payments that are excessive relative to income and ability to pay. Whether the issue is custody, child support, obtaining an order of protection, an order of supervised visitation, mental health evaluations, and more, I will work with you to anticipate the adversary’s testimony so that together, you and I can present the strongest possible case.

Over the twenty-five years I have practiced in Family Courts, I have served as a Law Guardian in hundreds of cases and represented clients in:

– Custody

– Visitation

– Paternity

– Child Support

– Domestic Violence

– Young People In PINS (Persons In Need of Supervision) Petitions

– Juvenile Delinquency (criminal charges of underage individuals)

– Grandparent Rights

– Guardianship

– Child Abuse And Neglect

– Orders Of Protection

– Child Support

tel:   518.893.0346

tel:   518.577.3434 (24 hour service)


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As Your Attorney

My responsibility is to represent you and to protect your rights. As I am unable to disclose anything without your permission, everything you tell me is confidential. Because the facts of each case are unique and may change the proper application of the law, no one should ever attempt to apply or interpret the law without the aid of an attorney. The information provided on this website is based on New York State law and is intended for information purposes only.

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