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The World Health Organization has declared that violence against women is a “global problem of epidemic proportions.”  Unfortunately, this epidemic includes the United States. I am well-trained in this epidemic of violence against women and how it is perpetrated by the offender. How am I so familiar with this epidemic?

* I worked in the Albany County District Attorney’s Office Sex Crimes Unit where I prosecuted offenders for rape, child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and more. I trained local police on the enforcement and prosecution of these crimes.

* I spent 11 years as the lobbyist for the National Organization for Women New York State where I drafted and lobbied to gain enactment of new laws to prevent domestic violence, prosecute offenders and assist victims.

* I have represented women for over 20 years who have been physically and emotionally harmed by the acts of abusers. I am their voice in court and before the police and hospital team to ensure  their case gets the attention it deserves.

*I am also knowledgeable about another important source of emotional and physical violence perpetrated against women: the part that cultural and religious influences play on relationship violence.

*I am familiar with the fact that often times law enforcement ignore or do not take seriously reports of abuse by refusing to file reports. The abused woman is sometimes viewed as not believable because her behavior is erratic.  Sometimes, law enforcement interprets unusual behavior as an indicator of lack of credibility, rather than the symptomatic behavior of the abused woman.


*I will represent you in the Family, Supreme and Criminal court system whether the abuser is a family member, familiar associate or stranger.

*If you have been the victim of rape, sexual abuse or other horrific crime, if you contact me in time, I can  accompany you to the hospital to ensure a rape kit and other medical evidence is properly preserved through the chain of evidence to prosecute the offender. I will make sure the police take your oral and written statement and search for the perpetrator for arrest.  And importantly, I will make sure you are treated with respect at every stage of this difficult process.

*If you are a student who has suffered a sexual assault, I will explain to you the repercussions of filing a criminal complaint with the police as well as the consequences of allowing your university to take over a so-called criminal investigation. Authorizing the university total control of your case may not lead to the arrest of the offender and could result in the university permitting the offender to return to campus. It is important to remember that if you elect to utilize the university system, and not file charges against the perpetrator with the police, the offender is never charged with a crime, never prosecuted in a court of law where guilt may be decided, and therefore never required to participate in the New York State Sex Offender Registry. This opens the door for the offender to harm another individual in the future.

*If you are the victim of a stalker or being harassed, I can accompany you to the police to file a report and criminal complaint. I will also assist you with your communication with the prosecutor in regard to the nature of the case and the desired result. We will also seek an order of protection from the criminal court. And if you have a case pending in Family Court I will work to ensure each court is apprised of the actions of the other court.

*If you are a victim of domestic violence, I will represent you in Family Court and the Domestic Violence Court to ensure a proper settlement, or represent your interests through trial. If trial becomes necessary, we will discuss hiring a domestic violence expert to testify in regard to the syndrome victims of domestic violence endure. The domestic violence expert will educate the judge so that she or he is cognizant of all of the different aspects of domestic violence. In the event you have a custody proceeding before a Family Court or Supreme Court judge, I will vigorously advocate for your right and the rights of your children to be safe.

*In the minority of cases, I have represented men who have been falsely charged with stalking and harassment and related charges. I will advocate for your defense whether it be in Family or Criminal courts in the State of New York.

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