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I understand that going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging and emotionally draining experiences of your life. Whether you are facing a contested or uncontested divorce, I will work to negotiate an agreement which best protects your interests. In the event your spouse refuses to negotiate, and litigation is necessary, I will fight aggressively for your rights. Whether you are seeking to stay in the marital residence, obtain custody, child support and maintenance, establish a college fund for the children, protect your pension, obtain an order of protection, or apply for attorney fees, I will advocate aggressively to represent your legal rights.


I offer Collaborative Divorce services which provides you the opportunity to work out an amicable, non-adversarial agreement with your spouse with the assistance of attorneys, a financial expert and family professional. Here is how it works: Each spouse is represented by a collaborative divorce attorney who meets together with you, a financial planner and family advocate to negotiate a final divorce settlement without ever litigating the issues in court. Although this can be an emotionally charged experience, the stress of worrying what the judge will decide after trial and the burden of enormous attorney fees is eliminated from the process. You meet in a room with these advocates and over several meetings a final agreement is composed reflecting the division of marital property, custody, child support, payment of college tuition and private school, health insurance, designation of beneficiaries through life insurance and other policies, and other important issues. The final agreement is submitted to the Supreme Court and a divorce decree is issued, absent months if not years of endless litigation and all of the accompanying stress and financial burden.


In the event a collaborative divorce is not an option because you anticipate that your spouse will fight you on every issue, please understand that I will vigorously advocate for your rights at every stage of the proceeding:

*If your spouse is hiding assets, I will bring the appropriate motions to attempt to identify their location.

* If you are a victim of domestic violence, I will file a family offense petition and apply for an order of protection, and seek a mental health evaluation of your spouse. I have extensive experience in domestic violence cases. I have represented numerous domestic violence victims over the years. As a former assistant district attorney I have prosecuted offenders. And as a former lobbyist for the largest women’s multi-issue organization in the state of New York, I lobbied for 11 years on domestic violence legislative legal protections.

*I will advocate for custody of your children and seek child support commensurate with your spouse or partner’s earning capacity.

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