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Criminal Law Services

I Am a Former Prosecutor, I Know How the Other Side Thinks.


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You have been charged with a crime, at worst a felony or misdemeanor, at best a violation with no threat of a criminal record. Perhaps you were read your Miranda rights, perhaps not. You are most likely terrified of losing your job or professional license, and worried about fines and the effect on your family. You are wondering what civil rights you will lose if convicted.

How do you know if you are under arrest? Once an officer informs you that you are not free to leave, your right to be read your Miranda rights attaches, as does your clear and distinct right to legal counsel.

Perhaps you have already given a statement to the police. If not, remember it is far better to speak with an attorney before you give an oral or written statement. There are not erasers of the mind in this instance. Any statement given can be used against you later on.

Before this situation progresses any further, call my office to seek legal advice.

Driving While Intoxicated:

In the case of arrest for driving while intoxicated, you have two hours to submit to a chemical test or risk forfeiture of your license. Driving is not a right but a privilege which can be revoked by a court for refusal to take the chemical test. And if you are not a citizen, there are certain immigration laws to be considered before you enter any kind of plea or stand for trial.


Each case is different: 

I will represent you in every courtroom necessary to provide a vigorous, aggressive defense. Having been a prosecutor, I am familiar with how your case will look from the assistant district attorney’s side, and how best to prepare your particular defense.

I have twenty-five years’ experience negotiating plea bargains in all counties encompassing and including the Capital District Region. With the use of well-thought-out strategies, persuasive case presentation, investigation, and sheer determination, I will work with you to obtain the best plea bargain possible.

Also, when it is clear that the charges should be dismissed and your innocence established for all to see, I will always attempt to obtain a dismissal and leave you without a criminal record.

In a minority of cases, the best plea-bargain offer is not good enough, so I will exercise every available option to prepare the most solid and best possible defense for trial. I will submit the crucial discovery motions to obtain a clear picture of the prosecution’s case; and I will request the necessary hearings on all the oral and written documentary testimony the prosecution will use against you at trial. Every step along the way, I will keep you informed of your rights and options. Together we will work to present the strongest case possible at trial.

My Goal: To Obtain A Satisfactory Result At The Lowest Cost To You. 


I have extensive experience representing people in criminal courts. I have provided legal services for individuals charged with most penal law offenses, including, but not limited to: larceny, petty theft, burglary, criminal mischief, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, sex offenses, forgery, assault, drug and controlled substances (possession and sale), disorderly conduct, harassment, stalking, offenses against public order, marihuana charges, and more.

I Always Put My Client First!

Having served as an assistant district attorney, I have a keen understanding of how the prosecutor will respond to your case. I have over twenty-five years of professional relationships with area prosecutors. My Reputation for being an aggressive and reputable advocate serves to enhance the plea-bargain process. All of this works very much to the advantage of my clients.

I Will Prepare Motion Papers To Vacate Your Conviction:

If you have been convicted and seek to have your plea and conviction vacated, I will investigate your case and prepare all the necessary paperwork to overturn the conviction. If you are facing deportation following release from a prison sentence, and were not informed by your defense attorney that your plea and conviction would result in an automatic deportation, I can advise you about a 440 motion to vacate your plea and request a new trial!

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As Your Attorney

My responsibility is to represent you and to protect your rights. As I am unable to disclose anything without your permission, everything you tell me is confidential. Because the facts of each case are unique and may change the proper application of the law, no one should ever attempt to apply or interpret the law without the aid of an attorney. The information provided on this website is based on New York State law and is intended for information purposes only.

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