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Appeals focus on the law and its interpretation. It is different from a trial in the lower court where exhibits and oral and written statements are placed in evidence, and expert and witness testimony are integral to the case. An appeal is based on arguments of law and is a process by which legal arguments are raised to the higher court to reverse the trial court’s decision. In the higher court, there are no witness testimony or tangible evidence. The appeal consists of a review of what transpired in the lower court and well-reasoned and presented legal arguments which challenge the lower court’s verdict.

In the trial court, the judge or jury evaluates the witness’ credibility and the facts presented. When an appeal is brought before a higher court, arguments made in the lower court case are considered based on the law and its application. The appeal must make a compelling argument that the lower court was wrong on the law and that your legal position should prevail. This is why you want to retain an attorney who is a thorough researcher, a talented writer and a dynamic persuasive advocate who can craft-fully weave the law and arguments of your case to secure a reversed decision by the higher court.

As an appellate attorney I can bring a fresh perspective to your case. Since I was not involved in the lower court action, I can look at your case facts with a new focus. Often times I see legal arguments missed in the trial court. As I sift through your case record, I raise legal arguments that have the best chance of being successful on appeal.

Yes, expert research and careful review of the lower court’s record is crucial to preparation of a well-drafted appeal. Persuasive oral skill can make the difference between a win and lose end result before the appellate court. It is here that my 25 years as a trial attorney and researcher of the law, PLUS, over 20 collective years as a lobbyist and New York State Assembly Speaker Analyst prepared me for the methodical work of appellate practice.

In addition to possessing extensive experience researching and writing memorandum of law, I possess significant trial experience. I have tried criminal cases as an assistant district attorney and as a defense counsel. I have engaged in numerous trials over 25 years in family courts in the Capital District.

I have expertise in the following areas of law:


1- Criminal

2- Family and Matrimonial

3- Personal Injury

4- Special Education

When you visit my office, we will sit down and review the facts of your case and the lower court decision. I will listen to your legal concerns. I will then present you with a realistic and honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Sometimes, in order for me to provide an assessment of your case, I will need to review the record of the lower court and sift through the court’s proceedings and decision. If you have lost in the lower court, I will provide you with the most professional and detailed evaluation of your chances of succeeding in the higher court. If you won in the lower court and seek to preserve your victory, I will provide you with competent representation to uphold this favorable ruling.

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